Brandon Lake joined the Bethel Music Collective in January 2019. Brandon is a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and has a passion to write songs for the Church that ultimately further the Kingdom of God. “Pour Me Out,” Brandon’s latest single released in 2018, while his first album released in 2016 called Closer. Brandon also co-wrote with Tasha Cobbs-Leonard in her 2019 single, “This is a Move.” Brandon believes that the people of God should be the freest people on the planet, and he is passionate about releasing joy and excitement while pursuing the presence of God in worship.



Chase Wagner and his wife, Paige, currently live in Lakeland, Florida as he leads the new worship tribe "Grace City." Chase serves as the Creative Pastor at Grace City Church, a growing Hillsong Family church plant launched in 2015, with close friend Andrew Gard. For five years previous, Chase pioneered "SEU Worship" at Southeastern University and taught classes in the church music major. Before moving to Florida, Chase was raised in Seattle, Washington, and ministered as part of "Foursquare United Generation" with Pastor Chad Veach. 

Grace City released their debut live EP in 2017 "Living With a Fire." The title track written by Wagner was found by Banning Liebscher shortly after it's release and inspired Jesus Culture to record to it. The song became the title track of Jesus Culture's GRAMMY nominated August 2018 record, led by Chris Quilala.


Jessica Kristianna Haas is the first female speed painter in America and the fastest speed painter in the entertainment industry. Since her recent win of ABC's Gong show, Jessica currently holds the following records of performing the fastest painting on national television, the first female performance painter to paint on national television, and the first + fastest award winning female speedpainter to win on a national television network. New York Magazine has named her "The Mother of the Speedpainting Movement." Jessica has made history as the first female speedpainter in America and has now made her mark on national networks and national organizations. She performs and speaks all across the country passionately encouraging everyone to use their creative gifts, embrace their bold, and to make their mark on the world.